We love our Mother & our mother love us. Like this if we love our  our nature, it will return our love implicitly. We live in Nature. As we bring up by our mother, like this, we also bring up by our nature.
When we were baby, our mother breast feed us, like this,mother nature also feeds by providing water.
As we grow up She use to feed us by providing vegetables and fruits. She provides us oxygen to bre-
-athe. She provides us pleasing air. Even, we are the part of Nature. We are made up of four parts of nature– water, air, fire & Earth. So, we are the child of our mother nature. Everthing like, sea,
lakes, rivers, trees, forests, jungle, mountain, fountain, lava etc belong to nature. But in recent times
we are hurting our Mother Nature. E.g.- when we chop down trees for making houses, wooden items

etc, we are badly hurting our Mother. As a result, the quantity of CO2 is increasing & O2 is decreas-
-ing. Consequently, We are hurting themselves. We are contaminating water and air through Industr-
-ial wastes, polluted gas, washing clothes in river, ponds, etc.Our Mother Nature is hurting badly by
this. Not more days left if we hurting like this, our life also leave us from this Earth. Try to save our
Mother Nature, Please!


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How to Earn Money from Apps ?


Hii guys..seriously creating your own Apps and then monetizing it is not easy. You need talent for that. Yes, if you can create a app it will work on monetizing after few process. But just creating a app can’t get the work done for you. you have to create a app which is attractive, mind-blowing, and different from most other apps. People must be addicted to your app. If you can create this type of App you can earn. Again building a unique app is very difficult. To create an Android App , you need to download and install Android Studio to your PC. To get Android Studio, click on the link —

After downloading android Studio , you must have skills on JAVA, C++ or KOTLIN . If you have these skills, you can build your own app in your own way you want. You have to read all instructions there. After finally get the work done then you have to publish it on Google Play Console or Play Store. Then, you need an account on Admob (which is Google’s own Ads providing platform for Apps). Then after signing to Admob, create Ad Unit and Mediation. Then copy Ad Unit code and paste it to your app with JAVA or C++ or KOTLIN. Then after some time you can see Ads to your App. You can still earn without publishing it to Play Store, as they take $25, you first download your own App to your mobile and install it( read every instructions to download, install and Run your App carefully) and then you still can see Ads and share it with friends on Social media platforms. More people install and use your App you will earn money. There are other Ads providing platforms – Appnext, Mopup, etc. In this way you can create your own App and earn money by placing Ads to your App.

You can also use Third party websites or app for making your own App, but most websites or app take money very much for using their platform. And also on Third party platforms you can’t do anything you want. You can’t build your app on your own way you want. But it works. You can still place Ads and earn money.

Now guys.. I have also created an Android App. In this App you will get Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, G-mail, Google+, Amazon, Flipkart, Club Factory, Online Tv shows, Musics, etc . All these online platforms you will get in my App. So guys.. download and install this App and check it weather I made a cool App or not ! Please Click on the Picture or on text Blue Diamond to download  RED Diamond APP     


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EDMUND SPENSER (1552 – 1599)

From a passage in one of his sonnets it seems clear that Spenser was born in 1552; and from another passage, in his “Prothalamion”, we can deduce that he was born in London. His parentage is unknown; but, though Spenser claimed kinship with the noble branch of the Spenser family, it is fairly certain that he was a member of some northern plebeian branch. In Ireland Spenser remained for 18 years, serving the English Government in more than one capacity, and seeing his share of the rebellion outrage, and misery that afflicted the unhappy land. In 1589, he visited London to publish the first three books of the Faerie Queene. The first of the poems that have descended to us is The Shepheards Calendar (1579). He wrote a volume of miscellaneous poems, including The Ruins of TimeThe Tears of the MusesMother Hubberd’s Tale, and The Ruins of Rome in 1591; in 1595 he published his Amoretti, eighty-nine Petrarchan sonnets celebrating the progress of his love: Epithalamion, a magni-ficient ode, rapturously jubilant, written in honour of his mariage. In 1596 appeared his Four Hymns and Prothalamion,




In many of the documents of the time Chaucer’s name is mentioned with some frequency ; and these references, in addition to some remarks he makes regarding himself in the course of his poems, are   the sum of what we know about his life. The date of his birth is uncertain, but it is now generally accepted as being 1340. He was born in London, entered the household of the wife of the Duke of Clarence (1357), and saw military service abroad, where he was captured. Next he seems to have entered the royal household, for he is frequently mentioned as the recipient of royal pensions and bou-
-nties. When Richard II succeeded to the crown (1377) Chaucer was confirmed in his offices and pensions, and shortly afterwards(1378) he was sent to Italy on one of his several diplomatic missions. The poems of the earliest or French group are closely modelled upon French originals, and the style is clumsy and immature. Of allegorical poems the longest is “The Romaunt of the Rose“, a lengthyallegorical poem, written in octosyllabic couplets and based upon Le Romaunt de la Rose of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung. This poem, only a fragment, though of 8000 lines, was on-
-ce entirely ascribed to Chaucer.

His poetries which made him famous are – “THECANTERBURYTALES” and “THE NONNE PRESTES TALE



William Wordsworth was born at Cockermouth, a town which is actually outside the Lake District, but well within hail of it. His father, who was a lawyer, died when William was thirteen years old. The elder Wordsworth left very little money, and that was mainly in the form of a claim on Lord Lonsdale, who refused outright to pay his debt, so that William had to depend on the generosity of two uncles, who paid for his schooling at Hawkshead, near Lake Windermere. Subsequently, Wordsworth went to Cambridge, entering St John’s college in 1787.His work at the university was quite distinguished, and having graduated in 1791 he left with no fixed career in view. After spending a few months in London he crossed over to France(1791), and stayed at Orleans and Blois for nearly a year. An enthusiasm for the Revolution was aroused in him; he himself was chronicled the mood in one of his happiest passages : “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,/But to be young was very heaven !” He returned to Paris in 1792, just after the September massacres, and the sights and stories that greeted him there shook his faith in the dominant political doctrine. At the university he composed some poetry, which appeared as “An Evening Walk”(1793) and “Descriptive Sketches”(1793). The first fruits of his genius were seen in the “Lyrical Ballads” (1798). Wordsworth had the larger share in the book. Some of his poems in it, such as “The Thorn”, and “The Idiot Boy” are condemned as being trivial and childish in style; a few such as “Simon Lee”, “Expostulation” and “Reply”, are more adequate in their expression; and the concluding piece “Tintern Abbey” is one of the triumphs of his genius.”The Prelude“,
which was composed in 1805, but not published until 1850, after Wordsworth’s death, is
the record of his development as a poet.

JOHN DONNE (1572 – 1631)

Donne, a son of a wealthy merchant, was born in London. His parents were Roman Catholics, and he was educated in  their faith before going on to Oxford and Cambridge. He entered the Inns of court in 1592, where he mingled wide reading with the life of dissolute man about town. In these years (1590 – 1601) he wrote Satires, Songs, and Sonnets, and the Elegies, but though widely circulated in manuscript, they were not published until 1633, after his death. Donne seemed ambitious for a worldly career, but this was ruined by a runaway marriage with the nice of his patron, after which he spent several years in suitorship of the great. In 1615 he entered the Anglican Church, after a severe personal struggle, and in 1621 became Dean of St. Paul’s which position he until his death in 1631. He was the first great Anglican preacher. John Donne was the most independent of the Elizabethan poets and revolted against the easy, fluent style, stock imagery, and pastoral conventions of the followers of Spenser. His poetry is forceful,
vigorous, and in spite of faults of rhythm, often strangely harmonious. His cynical nature and keenly critical mind led him to write satires, such as “Of the Progress of the Soule” (1601). His love poems, “The Songs and Sonnets”, were written in the same period. The best known and most typical of the poems of this group are “Aire and Angels“,”A Nocturnall upon S.Lucies day“, “A Valediction: forbidding mourning“, “The Extasie“, and “A Valediction: of weeping”. His religious poetry were written after 1610, and the greatest, the 19 Holy Sonnets, and the Lyric such as “A Hymn to GOD THE FATHER” after his wife’s death in 1617. His proses are “The Pseudo-Martyr (1610), “Ignatius His Conclave “(1611), ” Devotions”(1614), “Death’s Dwell”(1630).

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